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Company Profile

Absolute Mitra Pangan (AMP) is a member of Absolute Group Holding Company, The main business was distributing food and non-food goods across nations.

Start in January 2007 in Yogyakarta, Absolute's business are growing bigger day by day, Now we have a large variety of food and beverages to distribute including top brand names in this country, we had expanded our business to the neighbour region and have a willingness to have nationwide coverage.

AMP now had 2 team sales force and 10 canvaser which hold aproximately 600 outlet within region I area. AMP Head Offices was located at Jl. Kapas No 5c Ngentak Caturtunggal Depok Sleman 55281, while our storage split into each region. We are open mind and open negotiate for business opportunity, so dont hesitate to contact us at :

Contact person : Mr. Reza or Mr. Pungky
Phone : 0274 - 7888918

Email : amp@absolute.co.id


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